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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

We are told to "Love Thy Neighbor"

And we should, even if there is something about them that we need to know in order for our family and kids to be safe.  

We live in a world full of good, hard-working, perfectly nice people. Regular men and women who do whatever they can to raise and support their families. On the flip side, there are also plenty of very sick individuals who have the capacity to do great harm to innocents. The problem with these deviants is that for the most part, they tend to hide in plain sight.  You need to be able to identify these people, for your safety, and that of your family.

With a background report, you can investigate anyone.  Do you have a suspicious couple across the street? A background report can help to ease your mind.  Don.t like the look of your next door neighbors?  Find out their personal history. You never know if you live next to a potential child molester, and you should take steps to protect your children.  The greatest power you can have today is knowledge.  Be sure to perform a background check on any suspicious neighbors in your area.

Code Amber has been providing information regarding personal safety for all since 2002.

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