Sunday, August 31, 2014

Kids Aren't Missing Out On Obsolete Tech

We really have to stop lying to kids about the "good old days" There is an example article from Buzzfeed: For updates and...

Backlog of child abuse cases addressed during public meeting

The meeting lasted about three hours and it got heated at times, as everyone wanted answers to why there is a backlog in the first place. The meeting lasted about three hours and it got heated...

War Of Ages - Supreme Chaos Full Album + Download LinkMassVideoBlasterPro -

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dead frontier missing boy : DAMN i thought am gonna see a child in the game

this is the first time i play this mission i feel like finally some kids i bring food XD i thought he gonna be hurt but not in a mother XP DAMN.

Amber Alert

Apparently this was deemed offensive enough by one woman that she complained for 20 minutes. What surprised me was the fact that it was the Amber Alert part she was SO offended by….whatever.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Who is Amber Alert

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A true pit says no spanking the baby

Angel ain't having no child abuse on her watch lol.