Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Part 6: Missing Children

Those darn kids! I ran around wondering where they were and they turned out to be the next story segment! Welp, better go and save them. This is a pretty fun portion. Though this tower...

Dari Sudut Hukum | Sexual Abuse - Child Molestation di Amerika

Kabari sempat wawancara Jason Lie, attorney, untuk diskusi hukum di Amerika dalam hal Sexual Abuse terutama Child Molestation. Apa yang harus dilakukan seandainya Wrongly Accused? Apa yang...

do your contributuion no to child labour and abuse

about child abus and child labour.

GENDER ABUSE [A Tribute to Robin William's (R.I.P.)] by Ted Palmer Musician BMI (c) The RAW FOOTAGE.

VIRTUAL ROCKville -- With decades of musical experience, Ted Palmer has now captured the world musical stage by delivering some of the most innovative and socially relevant progressive rock...

Short Film Child Abuse Life Part 2

DM 5-66 Educating physicians on the prevalence of child abuse