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Monday, January 24, 2011

GTX Corp Reviews 2010 and Looks Ahead at 2011

Increasing Products, Customers, Partners, Vertical Markets while expanding Brand Recognition in over 100 Countries

Los Angeles, CA, January 24, 2011 GTX Corp (OTC BB: GTXO), a leader in 2-way GPS tracking personal location services providing technologies that answers the “where is” question, today outlines a recap of 2010 and forecast for 2011.

2010 Highlights

· Multiple New Product Introductions and Appreciable Recognition of Leading-edge Technology Platform. 15 new products were launched expanding the Company’s total product offerings by 200%. Several of the Company’s location-based social networking (LBSN) mobile applications were included in both the iTunes and Android lists of top Apps for 2010.

· Significantly Increased Consumer User Base. The GTX worldwide user base crossed 800,000 in over 100 countries, compared with 25,000 users at the end of last year. Driving this increase was the Company’s active participation in many industry conferences, traditional media exposure in numerous television segments and newspaper and magazine articles as well as the Company’s increasing social media visibility.

· Major New Licensing Agreements. Licensing agreements with Aetrex Worldwide, Inc and MNX Midnight Express were signed, with shipments to MNX commencing in late December and Aetrex initiating production for its first commercial order.

· New Distributors. 2 new International distributors added and contracts with new partners including Samsung and Aeris were signed.

· Industry Recognition. The GTX Corp With You ® brand was recognized as a premiere provider by being honored at the Location & Beyond Summit with the Peoples Choice Award for the Most Innovative Connected Location Device.

· International Expansion through Localization. The GTX Corp B2B portal and the Code Amber Alertag consumer portal were localized in Spanish for Latin America deployment.

Patrick Bertagna, CEO of GTX Corp, noted, “Clearly, 2-way GPS tracking garnered a significant increase in awareness and demand, positioning the Company to capture this exploding market with our robust platform, diverse product line, strong brand recognition, and growing global customer base. As we continue transitioning from a product development stage to full commercialization we are attracting the attention of partners and customers that value the exceptional capabilities of our 2-way GPS tracking platform. With momentum on our side in this emerging $13 billion industry, 2011 looks to be very promising.”

Unique, Technically Advanced 2-Way GPS Technology Ready for Burgeoning New Market

Transitioning into 2011, the Company successfully concluded initial testing of the GPS Smart Shoe with the Alzheimer Association. The Company finished its custom firmware development for the MNX devices and began shipping its first units. Another partner has been added to the international distributor list, Grupo GTX a well established business in Mexico servicing the logistics and security market, and other channel partners have begun sending in their forecasts and orders for Q1 with shipments commencing this month. In addition the Code Amber Alertag group opened new markets in South America, including the major markets of Brazil and Argentina, for distribution of the Company’s products.

Looking ahead, as 2 way GPS technology continues to be more broadly accepted, the Company will continue to introduce new products to the market, with a focus on e-Health and apps for various mobile platforms and devices from smartphones to tablets to TVs. Add to the growing list of international distributors and partners. Look at new market opportunities while evaluating new vertical markets and channels of distribution and of course execute on the existing contracts.

About GTX Corp
GTX Corp (GTXO.OB) a leader in embedded 2 way GPS real-time personal location services (PLS) was founded in 2002 and is based in Los Angeles, California with distributors in Mexico, Australia and Nepal and customers in 104 countries. GTX Corp utilizes the latest in miniaturized, low power consumption technology and offers a robust GPS and cellular location platform to track in real time the whereabouts of people, pets, vehicles and high valued assets. Answering the “where is” question through a licensing business model and providing a complete robust, scalable end to end solution of hardware, middleware, apps, connectivity and professional services- a one stop shop. From its early beginnings– the patented GPS smart shoe to paving new innovative geo specific and proximity alerting applications that help you know where someone or something is at the touch of a button, GTX Corp also owns and operates LOCiMOBILE, Inc which develops applications for smartphones and tablets, Code Amber News Service, and Code Amber Alertag. The Company has an aggressive intellectual property strategy and owns an extensive portfolio of patents, patents pending, registered trade marks, copy rights and URL's.

For information on GTX Corp:

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Quantitative proof of the frequency of the “where” question being asked

Among all smartphone users, the most popular app among feature phone users is Google Maps (46%) followed closely by Facebook (45%). The simplest conclusion to be drawn from the data is that “where” is my; friend, family, spouse or co-worker must be top of mind for multi-millions and the GPS Tracking app to resolve that question is to be found at LOCiMOBILE, a subsidiary of GTXCorp (GTXO.OB).

Where they are asking the “where” question is now going vehicular…

The number of consumers using telematics smartphone apps with connected cars is about to increase over 40 times in the next five years. ABI Research today estimates that by 2016, 129 million people will use smartphone software that works with a vehicle, up from only 3.2 million consumers this year. Such forecasts could fuel new and innovative mobile apps specific to vehicles and travel-related activities.

Smartphone applications specific to cars may best illustrate the promise of mobility and connectivity: intelligent, discreet devices combined with wireless broadband and smarter cars. While there have been a number of in-vehicle applications for years — think of navigation, point-of-interest searches, real-time traffic data and remote automobile diagnostics — most until now have been constrained for use within the vehicle.

By leveraging the ability for a smartphone to be tied with a car, such apps can move beyond in-car use. And as vehicles gain more processors and sensors, especially in greener cars as noted in a GigaOM Pro report, (subscription required), the possibilities for mobile apps will expand.

So what kinds of mobile apps will connect smartphone-toting drivers with their cars? Ford already launched software specific to its all-electric Ford Focus, allowing users to remotely monitor the battery level and even schedule a recharge during off-peak rate hours. Location Labs, in a partnership with T-Mobile, today launched software that can detect when a driver is behind the wheel of a vehicle and automatically shoot calls direct to voicemail or lock down access to text messaging. Focused on driver safety, the new app appears to monitor vehicle movement through GPS, but in the future, could get that data directly from the car. Whatever the application, mobile broadband and smart handsets combined with the cars of tomorrow could give new meaning to the term “information superhighway.”

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Where Question

Where is my kid, my friend, my spouse, my Alzheimer’s afflicted father and even where am I. CBS Los Angeles Bob McCormick with Money 101 has found an answer in miniature embedded technology.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We cannot leave home without our smartphone

According to a survey from Deloitte, Revolutions 2010, smartphone apps are indeed transforming consumer behavior. More consumers are turning to their smartphone for entertainment, news and information than previous traditional sources.

From the survey, 62 percent of respondents said the availability or presence of mobile apps causes them to carry their smartphones when they otherwise would not. That means as consumers, we cannot leave home without our smartphone.

Testament to the survey’s view of changing consumer behavior patterns can be seen as Apple nears 10 billion app downloads. It only took Apple took nine months to reach 1 billion downloaded wireless applications, and less than two years later, the company is getting ready to issue a $10,000 iTunes gift card to the person who downloads app number 10 billion. At the current pace, this milestone will be reached Jan. 23. Research firm Asymco says that across all three of the iOS-supported devices, users have downloaded an average of 60 apps each.

GTX Corp (GTXO) has been aware of this trend for years developing a portfolio of GPS Tracking and GPS based LOCiMOBILE applications that eschew the public commercialism of Four Square and Gowalla for a robust, private set of functional apps that provide easy to access permission based location information.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Newcastle team claims green tea cuts dementia risk.

Regularly drinking green tea could protect the brain against Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia, according to scientists at Newcastle University.

The study showed chemicals created when the tea is digested help prevent the degeneration of brain cells.

Similar research has hinted the beverage could also help protect against some forms of cancer.

The Alzheimer's Research Trust said diet and lifestyle were important in assessing the risks of the disease.

The study is published in the academic journal Phytomedicine.

'Diet and lifestyle'

Project leader Dr Ed Okello, from the university's School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development, said: "We found when green tea is digested, the resulting chemicals are actually more effective against key triggers of Alzheimer's development than the undigested form of the tea.

Continue reading this article at BBC News.