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Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Special Invitation from Bryant Harper - Founder of Code Amber

There ARE Sex Offenders in Your Community
Find Out Who and Where They Are

As a valued supporter of Code Amber with a concern for the safety of our children, AlertID, working with Code Amber and public safety organizations across the county, enables you to protect your children, grandchildren, family and community.

AlertID is a free public-private partnership service that is available online and through mobile applications to help protect children, families and communities. 

All you need to do is choose your password to get started. Simply click HERE now and in less than a minute you will be on your way to protecting yourself and your loved ones.

There are multiple state registered sex offenders in your community. As a registered member, you will receive information about threats to your family including sex offender alerts, neighborhood safety advisories, weather emergency warnings and other safety information at absolutely no cost to you.

AlertID has prepared a map of threats around your home and neighborhood. To view this map click AlertID Here .

AlertID is the first system of its kind - delivering alerts, advisories, and interactive features. AlertID helps protect families and communities, creating a safer living environment by making the country's public safety information universally accessible. Monitor crime, sex offenders and more in the areas where your children, grandchildren or loved ones live.

Here is the LINK again to get you started in less than a minute.

AlertID has been endorsed by many public safety organizations including: Dept. of Homeland Security; National Crime Prevention Council (McGruff the Crime Dog); and Police Depts. and Sheriff's Offices across the country.

AlertID is currently used by many Law Enforcement Organizations to communicate critical information to their citizens. If you are a member of a LEO, Fire Dept., SAR Org., School or other public entity, we encourage you to sign up and review the benefits available to both Government and Non-Government organizations.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message from Code Amber.
We urge you to take action now by signing up for AlertID 

Thank you for your support
Bryant Harper
Code Amber