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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Loons are back on Golden Pond.

Ernest Thompson, wrote the original stage play of On Golden Pond and adapted it for the Mark Rydell 1981 film. Henry Fonda, in his last role, plays a prickly English professor; Norman Thayer, at the disagreeable age of 80. Visiting his summer house by a lake, Norman suffers the disorienting effects of dementia getting lost in a strawberry patch mere feet from his front door.

Its been thirty-years since the movie was screened and we barely know much more about dementia than we did then. No cure has been found and treatments have proven to be only mildly helpful as the condition is aggressively progressive ultimately rendering the victims lost within themselves.

Dementia may take many forms – more than seventy – and its effects can be felt at any age. The symptoms and behaviors of the various forms of the illness progress over long spans – often twenty years or more – placing ever greater demands on family caregivers of which there are more than fifteen million today in the US alone.

What we do know of dementia is that the aging boomer generation population will force the number of the afflicted and their demands for support to balloon to staggering proportions. The toll of the epidemic for the nation, their caregivers and the demented will overwhelm the systems and services in place today.

Sundowning is a tragic aspect of dementia. As the day moves to night something misfires in the minds of the victims and they become disoriented often eloping from facilities, or while out and about and yes even picking strawberries. The problem is that they cannot find their way home.
As night approaches they become invisible and often succumb to the elements before they are found less than a thousand feet from home.

Locating the lost has been a mission for GPS technology company; GTX Corp GTX Corp (OTCBB: GTXO) and its CEO Patrick Bertagna for years. This month though that mission will be completed with the retail availability of a discreet 2-way GPS device embedded within a comfort shoe GPS Shoe technology manufactured by Aetrex Worldwide and supported by MedicAlert and Onmilink Systems to provide secure, real-time, location based services to caregivers offering them peace of mind and the afflicted with a better quality of life as they will not need to be confined to protect them from their debilities.

Some may see this service as an invasion of privacy. We see it as life-saving search and rescue. Ask yourself, if it was your parent and you had the shoes would you tie the laces.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

GTX Corp Expands Partner Alliance in Preparation for GPS Shoe Launch

  • · 3,000 GPS Shoe devices shipped to Aetrex Worldwide
  • · Signed Fulfillment and Customer Service Agreement with Omnilink Systems, Inc
  • · International Expansion of miniaturized GPS Devices
  • · Speaking at Annual Emeritus Senior Living Conference

Los Angeles, October 19, 2011 – GTX Corp (OTCBB: GTXO), a leader in customizable, 2-way GPS Personal Location Services (PLS) solutions, today announced entering into a Fulfillment and Customer Service Agreement with Aetrex Worldwide, Inc. and Omnilink Systems, who built and maintains a market leading tracking solution for individuals with Alzheimer’s. Under the Agreement, Omnilink will provide an e-commerce and customer service platform for the Aetrex GPS Shoe scheduled to go on sale this month in the US, enhancing the sales, marketing and customer support for the GPS Shoe and user community. MedicAlert Foundation, known for their live 24/7 emergency medical information and identification services, has joined the alliance and will provide 24/7 location based emergency services for Aetrex GPS Shoe customers.

The Partner Alliance was created to provide a world class, senior-friendly, 24/7 customer support platform for consumers and caregivers to assist in selecting monthly plans, GPS Shoe features, best use tips and general overall customer service. The Agreement will allow GTX Corp and Aetrex to concentrate on their core competencies while the Partner Alliance handles support, e-commerce and customer care for this new potential life saving technology.

"As the GPS Shoe transitions from vision to reality and we approach the launch we are excited and honored to align ourselves with these exceptional companies,” stated Patrick Bertagna, GTX Corp Chairman and CEO.

“Omnilink has had the privilege of building unique solutions for helping ensure the safety and security of individual’s with Alzheimer’s,” says Kelly Gay, Omnilink’s President and CEO. “We are very excited to now have the GPS shoe available as one of the first human-wearable, location-monitoring device options for this market.”

The New York Times recently quoted “I’m intrigued by the GPS Shoe” and included in the article its benefits and mentioned how the Alzheimer Association and MedicAlert have published some suggestions on how to address wandering or elopement.

“For over 55 years, the MedicAlert Foundation has been providing vital health information on behalf of millions of people in all types of emergencies. Through this Alliance, our objective is to provide another service option that helps families and other caregivers to ensure the safety of individuals living with Alzheimer’s, and that first responders have the necessary information in an emergency to effectively address their needs,” stated Andrew Wigglesworth, President and CEO of MedicAlert Foundation.

Today, GTX Corp CEO and COO are scheduled to speak at the annual Emeritus senior living conference in Scottsdale Arizona to address the overall benefits of 2 way GPS technology for the caregivers of seniors. And in an ongoing international expansion effort to bring the GPS Shoe technology to the global community, the Company is working on the next generation device, scheduled for release next year, which will have overall enhancements to size, cost and power consumption and localized to provide the cellular data through its global alliance of wireless partners.

About GTX Corp (GTXO.OB) – GTX Corp, a leader in enterprise 2-way GPS (Global Positioning System) real-time personal location services (PLS), was founded in 2002 and is based in Los Angeles, California with distributors in Mexico, Australia and Nepal and customers in 126 countries. GTX Corp utilizes the latest in miniaturized, low power consumption technology and offers a robust enterprise GPS and cellular location platform to track in real time the whereabouts of people, pets, and high valued assets. Answering the “where is” question through a licensing business model and providing a complete end-to-end solution of hardware, middleware, apps, connectivity and professional services, letting you know where someone or something is at the touch of a button. GTX Corp also owns and operates LOCiMOBILE, Inc which develops GPS applications for smartphones and tablets, Code Amber News Service, and Code Amber Alertag. The Company has an aggressive intellectual property strategy and owns an extensive portfolio of patents, patents pending, registered trademarks, copy rights and URL's.

About Omnilink Systems - Omnilink Systems is a leading provider of end-to-end LBS (location-based services) for any tracking solution. Pairing its award-winning FocalPoint™ software with hardware, services and networks, Omnilink offers the most accurate, reliable and cost-effective platform for powering location-aware mobile devices and applications. Working with tier-one carriers, Fortune 100 companies, leading nonprofits and hundreds of government agencies through its Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) model, Omnilink helps ensure the safety, security and productivity of people and valuable assets. For more information, please visit

About MedicAlert Foundation International - Established in 1956, MedicAlert Foundation International pioneered the use of medical IDs and systems to relay vital medical information to emergency responders on behalf of its members so they receive faster and safer treatment. Today, MedicAlert provides the functionality of an e-health information exchange through an innovative combination of a unique patient identifier linked to an emergency medical information record and a live 24/7 emergency response service. MedicAlert medical IDs alert emergency personnel to a member’s primary health conditions, medications, and/or implanted medical devices. In addition to its live 24/7 emergency response service, MedicAlert Foundation also provides family and caregiver notification so that members can be reunited with their loved ones. MedicAlert services are available around the world through a network of international nonprofit affiliated organizations licensed by the Foundation. Visit for more information.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

There is no forgetting Alzheimer's

We are the sum of our memories… remembrances tucked neatly into three pound cerebral packages as fragile as a potato chip with one hundred trillion incomprehensible pathways taken completely for granted until it malfunctions.
Alzheimer’s afflicts the brains of five million Americans today, but by 2050 this 21st century plague will take 15 million mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. Worse still, this disease victimizes many for every brain it actually infects – sucking the life from families and care givers.
The estimated monetary cost of $700 billion will pale by comparison to the loss of productivity and intellectual wealth which will diminish our civilization imprisoning the memories of a generation in a crib of cerebral plaque.
The progression of Alzheimer’s will cause one of every four victims to wander…
If not found quickly, they will succumb to the elements, accidents or attacks. Searching for them…hundreds of thousands of them at a time…will precipitate the collapse of our municipal and health support systems.
One possible solution is incarceration, another is sedative drugs, but one other provides care givers with the ability to manage their charges whereabouts by tracking their locations in real time with a miniaturized GPS transceiver sending signals to computers, cell phones or mobile devices… a personal location service.

To learn more about GPS Personal Location Services visit:
Or take a read of David Shenk’s “The Forgetting” and learn what Andy Carle is calling Nanna Technlogy;