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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Code Amber Announces their New Browser Add On to Speed Notifications of Missing Endangered Children and Adults.

The Code Amber Browser Add On (Toolbar) Works With Any Browser

The toolbar makes our missing and endangered children and adults reports available
at the click of a mouse via our FaceBook and Twitter Feeds

Installation is easy and the toolbar is TRUSTe, McAfee and Norton certified.

The toolbar comes with links to popular things like YouTube, eBay, your FaceBook friend's photos and some games, but it is completely customizable so you can add or delete things to personalize it as you wish.

Use the Free Download button to install your free Code Amber Toolbar. By installing and using the toolbar you will be helping to support Code Amber and we thank you for that and for your support over the years! Please install it today and share it with your friends.