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Monday, June 24, 2013

How are New Friendships Working Out for You?

How many times have you wished that you knew the personal history of someone before you became irretrievably involved?  So many people put on a false front, and the end result is that your heart is broken six months down the road for various reasons.  Maybe your mate is mentally or physically abusive.  Perhaps he or she is clinically depressed and lacks motivation.  Would it not be wonderful if you could prevent pain and investigate anyone?

Now you can!  Lookup persons by visiting our website.  We can provide you with a background report, which will rule out the possibility of any criminal activities such as abusive relationships.  Your next door neighbor may be cute, but what if the neighborhood watch reports that he or she has been involved with suspicious activities?  Does he or she work at odd hours?  Maybe he or she has a swing shift.  Or maybe, just maybe, he or she is involved in drug trafficking.  Don't take the chance!     

Code Amber now provides background checks to help enhance the safety of you, your children and your community.

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