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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

MNX nominates GTX Corp to provide secure 2-way GPS real-time tracking of Medical and Bio-Pharmaceutical Shipments

Global and Domestic Shipping with No Limits - a New Market Sector for GTX Corp

Los Angeles, California October 27, 2009 GTX Corp, a leader in embedded GPS real-time personal location services and MNX a worldwide specialty courier headquartered in Los Angeles with 27 offices in 8 countries, have entered into an exclusive product test agreement to develop an industry first, proprietary GPS enabled transport container. Over the following 2 quarters the Companies will collaborate on product development, market analysis and global testing. The business of Life Science, Medical and Pharmaceutical transportation is on the rise, increasing the need to connect globally outsourced service providers with medical and clinical research facilities. MNX is making the investment to become a leader in providing a fast, accurate and trackable chain-of-custody solution to the sector with a GPS solution empowered by GTX Corp. This market represents one of MNX’s fastest growing sectors and with the implementation of this new technology, they expect to increase their market share of this multibillion dollar vertical market.

“With this GPS technology we can address any inquiry about the location and path of the thousands of shipments we manage for our customers. By enabling our clients with real time GPS location tracking of their shipments, MNX will offer a unique layer of service, security, temperature integrity and reliability” said Scott Cannon MNX CEO — “This will be a significant improvement over anything else available in the industry and we are excited about the opportunity to become a pioneer and work with GTX Corp.”

The GTX Corp 2-way GPS platform is already being used to track athletes, seniors and children, so this was a natural progression for the Company to formulate a partnership with MNX and enter into the monitoring of high valued assets such as medical and pharmaceutical shipments. “Introducing our PLS platform into a 4th vertical market represents a major milestone for the Company. This partnership leads to the continuing global deployment of our products, IP and platform licensing,” states Patrick Bertagna CEO of GTX Corp.

“By realizing that Scott was continuing to build MNX by investing heavily in technology to provide better service for their customers provided the common ground for this initiative. Listening and gaining an understanding of how MNX worked, allowed us to create an outline to provide a feasible, cost effective global solution for MNX, utilizing the GTX Corp platform.” states Patrick Aroff an advisor to the Company who over the past 9 months helped cultivate the partnership with MNX CEO Scott Cannon and GTX Corp.

About GTX:

GTX Corp (GTXO.OB) develops 2-way GPS technologies that seamlessly integrate with enterprise and consumer applications. Embedding miniaturized tracking and cellular location technology, the Company offers a GPS location platform that enables real time tracking of people, pets and high value assets through its customizable transceiver module, wireless connectivity gateway, middleware, smart phone Apps and viewing portal. Founded in 2002 and based in Los Angeles, California, the company continues to develop innovative geo-specific and proximity alerting solutions. The Company has an extensive portfolio of patents, patents pending, registered trademarks, and copyrights.

About MNX:

MNX provides critical and security sensitive global transportation and logistics services to diverse industries including entertainment & media, aviation, consumer products, financial & government, high tech, life sciences, medical devices, and 4 PL shipping. Formerly known as Midnite Express, MNX offers services in three key areas: express, supply chain, and freight.

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