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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Code Amber Alerts on Your iPhone and iPod Touch

This is not your uncle Olaf's Volvo..

Code Amber has been publishing Amber Alert and Missing Endangered Alerts on the Web since August of 2002. We have over 440,000 participating web sites and desktops in our syndication network.

Now we have released our Code Mobile Amber Alerts and Missing Endangered Alerts App for iPhone and iPod Touch.

This is not an interface to a web site. Using the iPhone's GPS capabilities we know where the phone is and "Push" a notification to phones in the vicinity of the Alert. All Alerts for the US and Canada are viewable but if you are in the area you will get notified.

Our goal is to mobilize an entire community proactively when a child, a senior or a developmentally disadvantaged person is missing.

Imagine an entire community being notified and on the lookout within minutes of someone in danger going missing.

The App is free and available here

More information on Code Amber and Code Mobile is available at

For more iPhone Apps that use GPS to keep people connected check out

Code Amber, putting "Smart eyes on the street"

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  1. Thank you for all the hard work that you do to help rescue each child that goes missing. God bless you.