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Monday, March 12, 2012

AllStar Deals - Become a Deals Scout and Make Money With Us

Code Amber has teamed up with Allstar Deals to offer you the opportunity to earn some extra cash. If you have a great eye for spotting deals in your neighborhood and love to share them with friends, you're already an AllStar Deals Scout.

We’re proud to announce that AllStar Deals™ is now open for business and you are among the first to know! To begin, we will be offering local deals in Tampa Bay, Washington DC, and San Francisco (see below on how YOU can start getting deals in your own city). If you do not live in one of those markets, don't worry. We're offering a National Deal, available for all site users: Two (2) tickets to any AMC Theatre in the country for just \$12. That's 50% off!

AllStar Deals is the first social commerce website that pays consumers to source deals and market them to their social networks. It’s very possible to earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars in CASH (not points, site credits or promotional merchandise) by finding great local deals and letting your friends know about them via Facebook, Twitter and email.

We’re looking for our first "deal scouts" to start finding and loading deals onto the site in cities around the United States. It’s simple to do; Click on How it Works to watch a YouTube video for an overview and then log onto AllStar Deals™ to sign up and get the materials you need! If you think you'd like to join our team as a scout or if you're a local merchant who wants to run a deal on our platform, reach out to us and let us know at info\

Let's summarize: (1) Sign-up to become a scout (2) Start finding deals that you love in your own city and (3) Start making some serious cash/money. What are you waiting for? Save. Share. Earn!

Thanks again!
Code Amber and AllStar Deals


  1. A week of great posts that is truly worth reading through. Can’t believe I missed them when you first posted them. I especially like the procrastination post. You make some valid points about prioritizing your tasks.

    I hope to see more posts like these soon. I am always up for some good advice even if it’s advice I already know… it’s good to refresh some things in my mind so I apply them.

    Take care,

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