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Friday, February 18, 2011

Jagtag launches mass-market QR Code solution

Mobile marketing services provider Jagtag introduced a new QR Code solution enabling consumers to scan codes and access mobile multimedia regardless of device type. QR Codes Powered by Jagtag work on any camera-enabled handset--consumers snap and send a photo of the code, and Jagtag replies with a multimedia message sent directly to the phone's inbox, rather than as a link to the relevant media--e.g., opt-ins, sweepstakes entries, quizzes and so on. According to Jagtag, device detection technology guarantees consumers receive content optimized for their particular device.

For more:
- read this release

The Code Amber Alertag also uses QR codes to immediately access personal medical information by "snapping" the code on the Alertag with any QR reader enabled wireless device. Read more about how the Code Amber Alertag works here

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