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Monday, April 12, 2010

Imminent meant now, not latter for little Zara.

A top New Jersey official ordered an inquiry into why no Amber Alert was issued in the alleged abduction of Zara, a three-month-old infant by her father, who told police he tossed her into the Raritan River.

Acting Attorney General Paula Dow has ordered the state police to review the timeline in the case and New Jersey's criteria for Amber Alerts, which authorities said are not typically issued in abductions involving family members. Authorities said initial information in the case did not meet the criteria for an Amber Alert. By the time more was known and an alert was to be issued.

"Obviously, the system could have been activated a lot sooner, and the attorney general wants to look into this matter very closely," said an AG spokesman.

In New Jersey, the alerts are used when a child is believed to be in imminent danger, but generally not in family situations, including cases involving runaways and parents in a custody dispute, according to state police. Zara, is still listed as missing.

This is but one example for the presence of Code Amber Missing Persons Alerts.

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