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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

While GPS knows where, the Code Amber Alertag knows who, what and when.

While GPS knows where, the Code Amber Alertag knows who, what and when.

Directional GPS has saved the lives of thousands by guiding emergency services to the precise location of people and pets in need of immediate medical attention. Getting there quickly however, may just be the first of many life and death decisions.

Daily, frontline medical and paramedical staff are asked to manage 911 emergency calls for unresponsive patients that cannot make their medical history available to those first on scene – a child in shock from eating peanuts, a self employed diabetic contractor fallen from a ladder or an Alzheimer’s victim found wandering in traffic. In fact, one in every four Americans has a chronic condition requiring special treatment or attention.

For the 13 million seeking treatment from emergency services getting the correct clinical assessment can be a life or death challenge – if the initial clinical diagnosis is compromised owing to a lack of accurate personal information, the treatment may be misdirected raising the risk of adverse reactions.

GTX Corp, a developer of personal location GPS devices and services is offering a secure web accessible digital ID tag through its missing people finder subsidiary. The Code Amber Alertag provides on the scene access to the essential information first responders must have to make informed treatment assessments.

Question, when you go out for a jog, do you carry ID with you…does your child carry ID when riding a bike… when grandma is in the garden is she carrying any ID? Who should be called if you were unable to speak…

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