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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Code Amber News - November 17, 2012

Our new service, Code Amber Pets is a hit with
over 300 new members in less than four weeks!

Most of our members are of the free variety, but that's OK. Our premium memberships provide additional features and all membership fees help support Code Amber. We also now offer a monthly membership option of only \$2.00 as well as our annual membership option of only \$19.95. Sign up for a free or premium membership today. Click here to review our list of Free and Paid features and to lern more about Code Amber Alerts for Pets.

We now generate a custom QR Code for each Missing Pet Poster so the complete Poster can be loaded onto any Smart Phone for reference and sharing. To see an actual custom QR Code Click here then click on one of the "View Poster" links.

Report a missing pet here.

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